Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of stay for the Mississippi State Veterans Home?

Veterans that are 70-100% service-connected (disabled in the line of military duty) incur no cost at the Mississippi State Veterans Home. The cost of stay for all other Veterans is $50 daily. We do not accept Medicaid.

Do you accept military spouses?

    We accept military spouses under the following circumstances:

  • There are currently no Veterans awaiting placement.

  • The applicant is either currently married to a Veteran already in our facility or is a widow/widower of a deceased Veteran and has not remarried.

What are the living arrangements for Veterans in this facility?

The Mississippi State Veterans Home is a 150 bed facility, made up of single, double, and quad rooms. We have a limited amount of single rooms and these are offered on a first-come first-served basis. All rooms come with a clothing locker, nightstand cabinet, over-bed rolling table and chair. We also provide televisions in each room with a basic cable hookup. You are welcome to bring a recliner or lift chair as long as it fits comfortably in the room.

I am moving into the Mississippi State Veterans Home. What should I bring with me? What shouldn’t I bring with me?

Upon admission, we recommend you bring 1-2 weeks of clothing as well as all medications your Veteran is taking. Please bring all Medicare and insurance cards as well as the name and address of a secondary contact. If you would like, you may also bring items to individualize your Veteran’s room such as pictures or a recliner. We ask that you please remove all glass from the picture frames or purchase frames with an unbreakable, Plexiglas cover. As of March 16, 2015, the Mississippi State Veterans Home is a tobacco-free facility. Please do not bring any tobacco products.