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Medical Services


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Medical Services

Medical Care

The Martha Jo Leslie State Veterans Home employs a licensed medical director and provides long term care. These physicians provide admission exams and routine physical examinations. They visit residents to ensure their physical well-being. They provide care to all residents; however, veterans may also choose a private physician at their own expense.

Nursing Care

A licensed nursing staff at the Home, supervised by a Registered Nurse, serves residents 24 hours a day. Nursing personnel offer a broad range of experience, with particular emphasis on geriatric services.

Rehabilitation Services

Services are provided on-site by licensed professionals. To improve and maintain maximum functioning of each veteran, the homes offer occupational, physical, speech and hearing therapy services.

Pharmacy Services

The Martha Jo Leslie State Veterans Home provides medications for the residents. The Home has a licensed pharmacist who reviews drug regimens and counsels residents on medication usage.

Other Services

Social Services

The Social Services Department and Veterans Service Officers provide counseling to residents and their families. Residents may also receive assistance in obtaining financial benefits.


All meals are prepared on-site, and special therapeutic diets are available if prescribed by a physician. The nutritional needs of each resident are supervised by registered dietitians. Meals are served in the attractive dining halls and in residents' rooms.


Transportation to and from community activities and medical appointments may be provided by each Home. In an emergency, ambulance service to nearby hospitals may also be provided.